19 Simple ways this winter to overcome tiredness


AS Autumn comes to an end with the breathless colors of flames and golds, we await Winter’s arrival and it’s definite beauty of its own.

Yes, there’s no point in kidding us, it’s going to be pretty humid and sometimes straightforward. It will be cold and chilly and it will become more and more difficult for some to drag ourselves out of bed in the dark mornings. The glare of the headlamps coming

I’m sure you’ll agree with all the ingredients to ensure a good dose of winter fatigue-but help is on hand! It’s not supposed to be unbearable. If you feel a little lack of luster, yawning at a ferocious rate and basically have enough energy in the evenings to slump down on the sofa in front of the box, you’re going to be tickled pink opening this page! You can bring that’ joie de vivre’ back to your life by trying some (or indeed all) of these 20 simple ways to boost your energy levels this winter!

1) SLEEP-Get as much sleep as you need and remember that at this time of year your body really needs it.

2) VITAMINS–Supplements such as vitamins A, B and E are all essential for well-being. However, if you want to avoid supplements, you can make sure that you eat those essential foods. Try to use 1 teaspoon of Brewers Yeast in a glass of milk or water, it is full of vitamin B and also suitable for digestion.

3) LAUGHTER-Bring on the laughter and smiles, it’s the most natural way to help depression, anxiety and, believe it or not, it lowers blood pressure too!

4) STRETCH–Trying a Yoga pose known as the’ Standing Stretch’ is one really effective way to beat fatigue. Stand in the right position, that is, with your toes pointing in front of you, relaxing your knees and hip distance your feet. Make sure that the weight is evenly balanced between your foot’s ball and heel. Interlace your thumbs and stretch your hands over your head while holding your arms against your ears-stretching up from the lower back lumbar area. Still keeping your breath, release your arms slowly in front of you

Put your chin in your chestbone and lower yourself gently, keeping your arms loosely hanging vertebrae by vertebrae and then just hanging from the waist. This position promotes the flow of blood to the head and is a real winner when you need to get your own energy. After a minute, slowly bring yourself back to a standing position, imagining as you do that each vertebrae will stack on the next until you’re upright and repeat three times.

5) DIET–Check your diet and make sure that at least five portions of fruit and vegetables are included every day during the winter months.
6) AROMATHERAPY-Use as often as you need pure essential oils. Burning peppermint or rosemary oils is excellent for alertness and concentration helps both as well. Since these oils are energizing oils, if you plan to have a good night’s sleep, it’s best not to use them at night.
7) THE WATER MAGIC–Don’t forget that the recommended amount is about two liters a day.

8) AVOID poisonous individuals, merely because they can drain you entirely of energy.
9) EXERCISE — Get plenty of exercise— it doesn’t get away. The health gurus recommends that we should all include exercise for at least 15 minutes, three or four times a week.

10) LEARN TO SAY more often than not’ NO.’ As the old saying goes,’ those who matter won’t mind and those who don’t care about mind.’ You’re going to be amazed at how much energy you can recover and even more amazed to find that the world will keep turning if you say’ no.’

11) COMBAT PARTY NIGHTS–If you’ve had a late night in the city attempt to drink at least two glasses of water before you crawl to bed, the next day will be much more bearable.

12) BREAKFAST–We knew from an early era that Breakfast should never be missed. Try not to skip it for the time, no matter how tight you are. Take a mug of warm water with honey and lemon and a fast cereal bowl, ideally with fiber, for a fast energy-inducing breakfast.

13) REDUCE your Caffeine consumption. Although it can offer you a fast boost, a lot of caffeine every day ends up having a adverse impact on your energy level. You may even attempt to replace a few cups a day with herbal tea, such as sage to increase spirits, peppermint to help digestion, or chamomile to relax.

14) LEARN — The methods of meditation and relaxation — will be invaluable not only for today, but for life.

15) MOTHER NATURE-Make the most of the brief hours of daylight. Fresh air overdose. There’s nothing more revitalizing than taking the time to soak in our beautiful scenery, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, and breathe in the season’s fabulous scents.

16) MASSAGE–It’s a great way to keep your immune system in boat form and your body healthy and supple. So go on investing in your health and plan a massage for optimal outcomes once a month.

17) DIGESTION-Treat your digestive system kindly. Eat slowly and prevent eating as much as you can late at night.

18) STRESS–Manage your stress concentrations and be conscious of your stress response. Recall that stress is infectious!

19) ACCOMMODATION TIME EFFECTIVE-Avoid using your beautiful energy by rushing at any time. Aim to leave about 15 minutes sooner, you’re not just going to arrive in plenty of time-you’re going to be totally unfrazzled.


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